American Express Prepaid Card $25 Cash Bonus Offer- 3x = $75 Total

American Express Prepaid CardYou can now get a $25 bonus from American Express Prepaid Card when you pre-load your prepaid card with $200 or more by August 31, 2012. You can see the $25 gift card bonus promotion, so click on the picture to order.  There is no credit check to get the card and no monthly or annual fees. Also, you’ll pay no purchase fees or overdraft fees. You are allowed 3 prepaid cards per person, hence this is a $75 total bonus if you have 3 different names on each as these cards(you can use other family members name).

How to order:

    1. Order Amex Prepaid Card
    2. Load the Card with at least $200 by August 31, 2012.
    3. Get $25 Bonus Amex gift card.
    4. Do it again for up to 3x for a total of $75 bonus.

Card Features:

  • no credit check,
  • no monthly fees,
  • no upfront purchase fees,
  • no inactivity fees,
  • and no overdraft fees if you try to spend more than what is on the card

The Amex Prepaid card comes with loaded benefits, but not with fees. Members can access to world-class Cardmembership benefits, like Purchase Protection1 on eligible purchases, Roadside Assistance2, Fraud Protection, and Global Assist Services3. Don’t wait much longer and sign up today for this American Express Prepaid Card $25 cash bonus offer.

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  1. Judy says

    Deceptive advertising!!! I will also be cashing out my card & not using it again. Plus when I called to clarify why I didn’t get my $25 credit, the representative barely spoke English so was very hard to understand. I finally gave up….she was nice but not very informative.

  2. says

    I had the same problem. I called to verify and they said it was only for those who got emails. They then told me that I would qualify for a $50 bonus if I loaded the card with $250 by the end of May. I am still waiting for them to email me a confirmation before I do it. I think this is also a targeted promotion. Call up, see if it works for you.

  3. jag says

    same here….ordered a large prepaid card for my son and was disappointed to see that the $25 was not added on to mine either. This offer really should be taken down. It’s very misleading……

  4. Elizabeth says

    Same for me –
    I called AMEX and they told me the same thing! This promo code isn’t for the “general public” it’s in fact for a “select demographic” and only those who received the initial e-mail will qualify. :( So that leaves ME out, as well as most others trying to get this deal. BIG bummer.

  5. chris says

    I got the card, but called to load it..they said it is only for certain people and they have to send you a invitation to qualify..they said they have a list of people and you won’t get it lest your on the list

  6. Paula Kelly says

    I too got the prepaid Amex and called them to verify the promo code and they said the code is valid but only works if Amex sends you the email with the promo code….so I am very disappointed but I guess its my fault for not calling Amex first to verify.

  7. Dave says

    I went to website, fill up the form, put in the code “AEPC25″ but there is no sign of $25 promotion going on, =S can anyone confirm this is working?

  8. Nithesh says

    Hi Hustler,

    I just bought a card with an initial loading of $26 (also applied the promo code AEPC25); but during the checkout it showed me Promotional Discount= $0 does this mean I am not eligible for the offer?

    It never showed me anywhere that I will get $25 extra. Please clarify

    • says

      welcome to my world of deceptive bonuses. found this on another site, its all over the web. loaded it before 4 30 2012 called the service # to confirm my bonus and they said i WONT get it, i told them i enrolled on amex’s own website and they still refuse to give me my bonus. so i will cash out my balance. netspend did the same thing. if it looks to good to be true……….

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