Test Drive a Toyota for a Free $50 Prepaid Mastercard..ymmv

Some people have confirmed getting a Toyota test drive certificate for a $50 prepaid Mastercard by requesting this brochure. On the left side, click on “would you like a printed brochure mailed to you?” link and fill your info out. You can also call 1-800-468-6968 to request a brochure.

The $50 Prepaid Mastercard for Toyota Tundra Test Drive is only valid in AL, FL, GA, NC, and SC. You will receive a flyer in mail with a tear off tag. The tag states to do a test drive of any new 2007 Toyota by August 31,2007, have dealer fill out form, mail into the designated address, and within 6-8 weeks you will get a prepaid $50.00 MasterCard.

Again, you may or may not get this tag. No hurt in trying.


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