Fraley v. Facebook $10 Settlement Money for Each User

Fraley v. FacebookIf you have a Facebook account, then you qualify to receive up to $10 using your Facebook’s account without permission in their Sponsored Stories ads. Simply submit Your Claim Form Online for the Fraley versus Facebook class action lawsuit settlement by May 2, 2013 with payment of up to $10.

Sponsored Stories are a form of advertising that typically contain posts which appear on which unlawfully used Class Members’ names, profile pictures, photographs, likenesses, and identities to advertise or sell products and services through Sponsored Stories, without obtaining Class Members’ consent.

Facebook has agreed to pay $20 million into a fund that can be used, in part, to pay claims of Class Members to each participating Class Member for up to $10. This is free money simply by filing a simple form. You nothing to lose, so file today!

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