How to Sell Gift Cards for Cash

People tend to build up a pile of unused gift cards around this time of the year, so you all can use this guide to figure out the best sites on How to sell gift cards!

Selling Gift CardsNow that the holiday season has passed, I’m sure you’ve gotten tons of gift cards for stores that you might not even like. I know I have. I really don’t know how much more coffee I can drink with this Starbucks gift card.

Well, if you’re like me and would rather have something with a little more buying power, you should try selling your gift cards online! There are dozens of sites out there that will buy your gift card with cash or amazon gift cards. For example, I just sold my $100 Starbucks gift card to for an $80 check!

Also, if you looking for a gift card to buy as a special gift but doesn’t know what they want, I recommend to go with an American Express Gift Card for that special someone!

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Selling/Purchasing Sites for Gift Cards

I’ve decided to compare the selling rates from six different sites:,,,,, and For the most part, the sites each have competitive offers and operate in the same way (with the exception of You’re expected to register an account with the site, load up your gift cards, mail the cards in, and then you just have to wait for your payment via check, PayPal, direct deposit, or Amazon Gift Card!

  • CardCash allows you to sell your gift cards for cash, Amazon credit, or a PayPal payment. With this site you need to keep in mind that there has to be a minimum balance of $25 on the card you’re trying to sell. The amount Plastic Jungle will pay for a gift card is determined primarily by the brand of the gift card, but you will always know how much you will receive before you agree to sell. As you navigate through the site, you’ll be informed that does the selling for Plastic Jungle now. Just keep this in mind.
  • Cardpool offers you to exchange your unwanted gift cards for cash or gift cards. The site only accepts cards with a value of $25 or more. At the site you can select the merchant and enter the amount of the card to receive an offer to sell it. If you accept the offer, you can either mail your card to Cardpool or enter the code online. If you choose to mail your card, you’ll be provided with a free shipping label and you’ll get a higher payout. Once Cardpool receives your card, it will issue you a check within one business day. If you choose to complete the transaction online, the site requires you to have a credit card on file. Your card won’t be charged unless Cardpool determines that some sort of fraud has taken place.
  • ABCGiftCards will buy back your unwanted gift cards and even guarantee to beat the price of any other major online gift-card exchange site. To get started, you have to submit an online form with all the gift card information so it can be validated. Once the information is verified, you’ll get a call within 24 to 48 hours to complete the sale. To complete the transaction, you have to speak with a representative; it can’t be completed online.
  • Raise doesn’t operate in the same manner as the other websites. Instead of selling your cards directly to the site and awaiting a payment, allows you to set your own sell your cards directly to another consumer. You must set your own selling price and wait for another person to buy the gift card from you. Once you complete the transaction, will deduct a 15% commission fee from your sale. You can think of this site as the eBay of gift card marketplaces.

Gift Card Selling Rates

I’ve put together the different offers you’ll receive around the web for Starbucks, Lowe’s, and Gap gift cards. Some websites don’t have selling rates for certain brands of gift cards (for example, doesn’t have any information for selling Starbucks gift cards), so you may have to check out different sites for whatever brand of gift card you have.


  • $80 (cash) or $84 (Amazon) for $100 gift card at CardPool
  • $76 (cash) or $79.04 (Amazon) for $100 gift card at CardCash/PlasticJungle
  • $76 (cash) or $79.04 (Amazon) for $100 gift card at ABCGiftCards
  • $73 (cash) for $100 gift card at GiftCardRescue
  • $72.25 (cash) for $100 gift card (sold for $85) at Raise


  • $82 (cash) or $85.28 (Amazon) for $100 gift card at CardCash/PlasticJungle
  • $82 (cash) or $85.28 (Amazon) for $100 gift card at ABCGiftCards
  • $81 (cash) or $85.05 (Amazon) for $100 gift card at CardPool
  • $82 (cash) for $100 gift card at
  • $75 (cash) for $100 for $100 gift card at GiftCardRescue
  • $76.50 (cash) for $100 gift card (sold for $90) at Raise


  • $85 (cash) for $100 gift card at
  • $84 (cash) or $88.20 (Amazon) for $100 gift card at CardPool
  • $84 (cash) or $87.36 (Amazon) for $100 gift card at CardCash/PlasticJungle
  • $84 (cash) or $87.36 (Amazon) for $100 gift card at ABCGiftCards
  • $84 (cash) for $100 gift card from GiftCardRescue
  • $77.20 (cash) for $100 gift card (sold for $92) at Raise

Check out these different sites if you’re looking for a way to sell gift cards! Whether you received a gift card for a store you don’t even go to or you just want something more useful than a gift card, you can follow this guide to sell your card at the highest possible rate. These sites have competitive offers and generally buy card back at a 70%-85% rate!


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    Careful about this game if you are trying to arbitrage. Raise is definitely the best to buy from and Cardpool the best to sell to. denies my sales all of the time (“due to unexpected error”.)

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    Raise allows you to sell at whatever price you want and the bulk seller rate is far less more like mid single digit. I consistantly get 87% on my Home Depot cards plus I have an account rep to answer any questions I have transactional or just general marketing ideas. This is the site if you are a true Hustler. Ask for my man, Grant. He will give you those rock bottom rates. Peace Out.

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