Make $2 for Using Netflix Free for 3 Months

Actually it’s more like 2 and 1/2 months of free service and make $2 while watching live online streaming from some of the best shows on T.V and movies. You could also use your Xbox or PS 3 for live streaming to your T.V screen.

Sign up from this account by using my link. thanks.

*CashBaq is a site similar to Mr. Rebates ($5 bonus) with free $5 sign-up bonus.

**Make sure to cancel your Netflix account after two months of service or stay with them if you like the service.

Here’s the hustle:

  1. Sign up CashBaq for a $5 bonus:
  2. Within your CashBaq’s account, search for Netflix.
  3. Sign up the two weeks free trial for $8.99 per month. The $8.99 plan gives you unlimited live streaming and rent 1 DVD at a time.
  4. Go through the free trial for two weeks, and pay for 1 month service. CashBaq will give you $5 sign-up bonus + the $15 cash back for signing up with Netflix after one month of service.
  5. It seems like by the time you get your $15 cashback, you will already be in your second month with Netflix.
  6. Here’s the math: 1st month $8.99 + 2nd month $8.99 + 2 free weeks = $18. Take your $20 in sign-up and cash back bonus – $18 for 2. 5 months of service = $2 profit.



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