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No, I’m not trying to make any sales pitch to you. You, I, and everyone including their dogs and cats know that TimeShare is a scam. Trying to get you buy a piece of property for $5K-$10K, along with a yearly maintenance fees, management fees and costs to upkeep common areas such as pools and tennis courts, you know they are making a killing out of you.

However, these companies offer free packages, tours, travel accommodations, and gift cards for you to attend their presentation. During the 90 minute presentation, the timeshare salesmen will make you feel cheap, set you against your spouse, guilt you into purchasing their property, and so on. These presentations are not for the weak minded. If you got thick skin and like the freebies worth hundreds of dollars, then follow these tips for getting timeshare bonus.

How To Sign Up TimeShare Bonuses:

  1. Google online “time share promotions.” Example of sign up link.
  2. Contests boxes in restaurants along the highways where you can win a “valuable free prize?”
  3. Call the resort directly to ask if they have any visitor’s or timeshare promotions. You can get a list of resorts from an RCI or II membership catalog.
  4. Activities desk in the hotel front lobby. You usually get a free buffet breakfast, $50 in tour tickets, a bottle of booze and such.
  5. Airport or street hustlers will offer you 80% in the form of tours, dinners, shows or cash. Keep asking for more because they can offer more. Have it in writing.

Get Qualified for Presentations

  1. Usually, you must be over 25 years old.
  2. Bring a government I.D.
  3. Even if you have a wife/husband, tell them you are single. Best deal is your wife/husband go separately to double up on the bonus or go alone.
  4. Do not agree to processing fees, since it’s non-refundable. They might ask for “good faith” deposit, then tell you got no cash. Credit card is okay so that you can report to the issuers if they don’t refund your initial $10 or $20 deposit.
  5. They will ask for your income, so it’s best to pick around the $40K to $50K range.
  6. When making a presentation appointment, ask them when can you get the most gifts. Tell them to throw in dinner for two, or extra gift certificates, and so on. Again, get it in writing.

Get Out of TimeShare Presentation using Hustler Lingo:

  1. STFU. Yes, be as boring as possible. Do not lead them on. Don’t ever say “wow”, “that’s great”, “awesome.” Answer with No, Not interested, Nah, No Thanks, ETC.
  2. If they keep on insisting, tell them “this is a 90 minutes presentation, time is up, I gotta go”, “what part of NO you don’t understand, why are you badgering me sir?”, “what da hell, I need my freebies NOW, I got reservation in 10 minutes at a Restaurant!”
  3. If they continue to insult you, start acting ghetto, “shiiiittt, betta get ooutta my face foo!”, “Peace out mofo!”, “what da f*ck! Stop badgering me biatchh!”

Okay, #3 is a joke. If you are a 50 year old white dude reading this website, and actually thinking of doing number 3, please secretly film it and put it on youtube or America’s Funniest Home Video, I’m positively sure you will win it or become the next internet sensation.

The Top Cash Back Reward Credit Cards:


  1. Citi Cash Returns Card – You will get 1.2% cash back on all purchases for the first 12 months since it offers an additional 20% cash back bonus on the rewards. After the first year, it is 1% cash back for all purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. Use this card for purchases not in special categories such as supermarkets, gas, and dining out.
  2. Discover More Card – Earn up to 5% cash back throughout the year with special categories. It changes from groceries, travel to home, gas, and apparel. This is a good second card since you get 5% cash back on categories you might not get from other cards. Everything else is 1% cash back.


  1. Tim says

    Timeshare is not a scam. While I agree that it is marketed in predatory, high-pressure fashion, the benefits provided are real. In fact, right now, I can travel to Europe and stay for a week for what amounts to about $850. Try to get a good hotel room for that with the weak dollar!

    Orlando is also a great bargain on timeshare. For about the same amount, I can do a week in a 2 BR condo. While I admit I could do it for cheaper in a hotel, try spending a week with a family of 5 in a hotel room (plus we save a lot of money cooking breakfast and lunch in the full kitchen).

    Like anything else, you have to weigh the good against the bad on timeshares. Essentially, what you buy is the right to take future vacations at the supplier’s cost rather than at retail pricing. Is it worth it? All in all, it’s close after 20 years of ownership. On the one hand, I’d rather not pay the fees (who wouldn’t?) On the other hand, I have had fantastic vacations for which I would have spent a lot more money at retail price. The good news now is I get to continue taking relatively cheap vacations for years to come.

    Of course, I agree 100% with hitting them up for all the freebies you can get. Ahead of time either (a) decide that you are ABSOLUTELY not going to buy before being beat on or (b) decide on a price you are willing to pay, and refuse to buy for a penny more.

    ABSOLUTELY insist that the 90 minutes starts at your appointment time – do NOT let them make you wait! If they complain, be assertive. If they try to stretch out your presentation beyond 90 minutes after your appointment time, insist on receiving your gifts and leaving if you aren’t buying.

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