My home phone – Sunrocket $9 a month deal

Is your home phone bill around $40 a month?? If you have high speed internet connection, drop your landline phone immediately and sign on to Sunrocket! Lets get straight to the point, here is why I signed up: SunRocket Internet Phone Service. Save $500 per year on your phone bill!

  • Unlimited local & long distance calling (Canada included)
  • Way way too cheap…less than $9 a gotta be kidding me!!
  • 3 way calling, caller id, call forwarding, call waiting, enhanced voicemail,…too many to list.
  • You can get a 2nd phone number for free
  • Fax machine works fine.
  • $3 free money to call international


If you go to the website, it’s actually $199 plus 3 months free for one year. Instead, you can do what I did a few weeks ago to get $199 a year plus 1 year free. Start hustling playa…

1) Call 1-800-786-1384
2) Act like you don’t know about Voip and let them talk to you about what they can offer…blah blah blah.
3) When the Csr is done with talking, tell them that i got a friend that just got $199 for two years.
4) Csr will ask who is your friend…make up a name…try Anthony Hustler..hehe
5) Csr will then say ..i will check with the less 15 seconds, i got the offer.

SunRocket, Inc. India

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of calling, you can go through bountyzoo and order through them to receive $100 cash back. Jonathan from Mymoneyblog got a pretty good review.

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