Walgreens Pharmacy $25 Gift Card for Rx Transfer Prescription

Do you have a monthly prescription from your doctor? Walgreens Pharmacy is now offering $25 gift card to do a transfer prescription good until 5/31/2013. It seems like you can create a free online account to easily transfer your prescriptions to Walgreens Pharmacy. You’ll get such great features like automatic refills, refill reminders and the convenience of ordering refills on-the-go with your mobile device. They even give you the option to pick up your prescription or have it shipped to you for FREE

Here’s a little trick from the past: Many of Walgreens competitors such as K-Mart, WalMart, CVS, etc will match the $25 Walgreens promotion. Follow these steps to maximize this promotion:

First month:

  1. Print out this Walgreens $25 Rx transfer gift card
  2. Take it to your local Walgreens pharmacy to transfer your prescription and get the $25 gift card.

Next month,

  1. Print out the Walgreens pharmacy $25 gift card coupon and take it to another Drugstore.(Walmart, CVS, etc)
  2. Tell them to price-match competitor’s coupon and ask for a gift card.

After the next month, do the same as the 2nd month to get another $25 gift card.  Repeat the process with Tomb Thumb, Krogers, Walmart,  CVS, etc. With the rising cost of prescriptions in the U.S, it’s important to take advantage of this Walgreens promotion to the fullest. Tell your friends and neighbors about this neat treat to lower their healthcare costs today!

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  1. jarrod says

    I have never gotten my 25$ gift card I transferred my meds to them when I was paying 200$ for all of them then it went up to 500$ amo for all meds so I went to CVS THEN Walgreen’s called me and said they would give me a 25$ gift card so I let the lady on the phone know I never got the first gift card so she looked me up and said ur right ill mail you out the 25$ gift card and when you transfer your meds you can pick the other gift card up at the store so I waited then a month later no gift card I moved I med back to Walgreen’s ask for the gift card when I transferred them on the phone was told yes went to get med amd gift card got the meds but guess what no gift card I was told they will mail it to me YEAH RIGHT JUST LIKE THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THEN A LIEING COMPANY AND THERE PHARMACIST ARE JUST DOWN RIGT RUDE AMD YELL AT YOU

  2. David L says

    Is there a link to a coupon for Walgreen’s that is not expired? Ni want to take it to CVS. Thanks.


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