3.00% Cash Back on EVERYTHING You Buy

Mr. Rebates 1.00% Bonus on top of your credit card is currently the highest. I’ll let you know if there is a higher rate.

Sounds crazy right? This is Legit! Imagine buying anything, paying bills, etc and get 3.00% Cash Back.  Like any of my hustles, it takes a little work and creativity.

First, I need you to join Mr Rebates in order to get it to work. Mr. Rebates is another site that will give you cash back for buying things online. Currently, you can get 1.00% Cash Back buying American Express Gift Cards. I will pay it with my Fidelity 2% Cash Back to get a total of 3.00% Cash Back.

Do the Hustle 1-2-3:

  1. Join Mr. Rebates($5 bonus)
  2. Enter info such as name, address, and paypal info for cash back to send to.
  3. Search for American Express gift card.
  4. Go through the link and pay it with your Fidelity CC(for maximum Cash back) or another Credit Card.
  5. Use promo code EMDADMC1 to take out the purchase fee.
  6. Sign into AmEx account first if you want to sign up for premium shipping free for 3 months.
  7. Buy up to $5000 every 14 days.

There are no monthly fees and the gift cards do not expired. Few fallbacks include American Express is not accepted everywhere and you lose some warranty buying with a gift card.

Unlike the churning with Buying Coins from the Mint, you have to use the gift cards for everyday purchase to churn.

Lending Club $25 Bonus

Lending Club was kind enough to allow me to offer my readers a special promotion: Open a lending account and receive a $25 bonus. You can use this bonus to make your first loan. To take advantage of this promotion, please click on this specific promotional link. Many of my readers have gotten the bonus and have enjoy their experience.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go though this Special Lending Club link
  2. Fill in your name, email, password, and make up a user ID.
  3. Verify your identity
  4. Add your bank account and wait them to withdraw an amount less than $1
  5. Wait for a few days, and verify the amount that has been withdrawn.
  6. Deposit $1 to get $25 bonus.
  7. Bonus will show up after the initial deposit.
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  1. Joe says

    If you plan on using Lending Club, be careful. I have been on LC for 2 years and they have some high default rates, even for A and B rating loans.

  2. says

    You wrote, “I think you can buy travelers Cheques(can be deposited into your bank) with American express gift cards from local AAA or AmEx Financial Center (YMMV).”

    It’s been confirmed that AAA does not do this. Also, I just got off the phone with American Express and they said that gift cards cannot under any circumstances be used to purchase travelers cheques or gift cheques.

    So, is the information here incorrect?

  3. P says

    Order merchandise from Walmart or possibly other store like best buy or Sears that gives option of paying using paypal and returning merch to store. Using site to store at walmart pick up then return merch at returns counter. your Am ex card info will not be in their system if you paid through paypal. To give you your refund they’ll ask for the card you used give them any debit card and you’ll receive the money in your bank account pretty quick.

  4. Brent says

    Been trying to redeem gift cards for travelers or gift checks, but finding it impossible. My bank, Chase, lets me buy T-checks free, but only for cash from my accounts or in hand. Amex financial charges 1% and still resists the giftcards. Any other options?


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