Fidelity $200 Bonus and 25K Mileage Plus Miles

by Hu$tler on November 4, 2007

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You got $10K sitting in your Savings account? Here’s a way to make a quick $200 bonus and 25K Mileage Plus Miles(Enough for a free round-trip ticket). We all know you can get $100 bonus from Fidelity when you

Follow these Steps:

  1. Click on to this link to sign up. Pick new account, choose next, finally confirm.
  2. Do not fund yet. You want to do the next step in conjunction with the first step. Make sure you have an account with UA Mileage Plus.
  3. If you are a member of UA Mileage Plus, go to this link, sign up, click next, then confirm. Click open a new account, choose regular investment account, and complete your application. Write down your account number.
  4. If you are a member of AA Mileage Plus, you can use this link. Join AA Mileage membership for free.
  5. Go to this link again, choose an eligible Fidelity account account, enter your account number, and sign up.
  6. Log back into your Fidelity account and transfer $10,000 from your bank account. Wait for 4-10 business days for $200 bonus and 15k miles. Don’t worry about the emails that report problems to credit your bonus from Fidelity. If you call them, they will check your application and you will NOT get the 2nd $100. $200 Bonus money will show up.
  7. In order to get 10K extra miles, transfer $10k in and out for 4 more times in 90 days to accumulate $50k in-amount.

You have several different choices when creating a new account. They will ask which core account would you like and the default will be FCASH. You do not want FCASH. You want an account with high yield while you are moving money in and out. Since you are only interested in making the $200 cash and 25K extra points, it would be a good idea to call them or use CSR chat service to ask for FSLXX. FSLXX has the highest yield among taxable MMFs currently at 5.13% APY.


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