Get 25% Discount from Home Depot or Lowe’s

Here’s my method for 25+% discount when shopping at Home Depot or Lowe’s. This strategy can be employed with many other stores and can add up big saving to your yearly home expenses. Follow these steps by steps.

  1. Go to your local USPS and ask for a mover’s guide. Inside, you will find a 10% Lowe’s coupon. It wouldn’t matter because Home Depot would happily take the coupon as their own since Lowe’s is their main competitor. You might want to ask for a few packages so you will have more coupons.

To get another 15% off, buy gift cards at a huge discount on eBay.

  1. Sign up through this $5 bonus Mr. Rebates link(3% cash back).
  2. Sign up for Ebay Bucks Rewards for another 2%.
  3. Once you have a Mr. Rebates account, within your account, and at the search bar, type in “ebay” and go through the link. It will take you to eBay and you shop like you normally would.
  4. at Ebay, search for “home depot gift card” or “lowe’s gift card” and click on the “Buy It Now” tab, then select highest to lowest. You should see a few $500 gift cards for $460ish(just make sure the seller has good rating and has been around for awhile)
  5. Math: 3% cash back from Mr. Rebates + 2% ebay bucks from eBay + 1% from a cash back credit card + 5-10% savings = up to 16% total discount.

Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and pay your goods using your gift card but make sure to whip out your 10% coupon from USPS. By using this method, you should be saving around 25% at EVERYTHING in Home Depot or Lowe’s.

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  1. Diana B says

    For Lowes, you don’t even need the 10% coupon–just ask for the 10% discount! In the last two weeks I’ve purchased carpet for my newly finished basement and an outdoor grill and both times received 10% off.

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