Mr. Rebates Online Cash Back Rewards Shopping Review- Now $7.50 Bonus

by Hu$tler on April 29, 2012

in Free Random Money

Heard of getting cash back for doing online shopping? Mr. Rebates $5.00 Bonus Sign-Up is my #1 source for cash back(CB) online shopping portal for stores such as Priceline 3% CB, Home Depot 4% CB, Sears 4% CB, WalMart 3%, and many more stores. Typically, I will go through Mr. Rebates first before I’ll check out Big Crumbs or Ebates($5 bonus too). Currently, Mr. Rebates is offering an additional $2.50 cash back bonus when you Like Mr. Rebates on Facebook. Make sure to sign up first to get the $5.00 bonus before liking them on Facebook.

However, to earn the total $7.50 cash back bonus, you will still need to make at least one single purchase(must be at least $2.50 in rebate) within 30 days.

Quick Steps to Make $7.50 Cash Back Bonus:

  1. Join Mr. Rebates for $5.00 Cash Back bonus.
  2. Like Mr. Rebates on Facebook.
  3. Make any purchase(at least $2.50 back in rebate) at Mr. Rebates within the next 30 days.

The biggest advantage for joining Mr. Rebates is their 20% cash back referral commission. Example: Your sign up your friend with your unique referral link(they get $5 bonus). For the referrer, you get 20% of your referred friend’s cash-back rebates on every purchase they make through Mr. Rebates (at no cost to them). Yes! You get that extra 20% for every purchase your referred friend makes. This is sweet since it’s forever unlike Ebates one-time $5 bonus only. Join today and see the difference in online cash back!

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