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I’m a pretty busy person, so doing online survey is not my cup of tea. Okay, you got me. I’m just too damn lazy to be filling out survey. Making a dollar here, a dollar there, just ain’t worth it for me. But if you got the time, making a few dollars for a 5-10 minutes survey, it can add up to a few hundreds dollars a year.  Some of my readers requested on writing a post about the best ways of doing legit online survey, I guess now is the time.

Best Tips for Paid Online Surveys:

  1. Create a new email address. I went with [email protected]
  2. Get Roboform or Google toolbar to quickly fill out all surveys.
  3. Sign up all of the survey sites below. I’ve done my research and they are the most legit.
  4. When joining survey sites, check everything and that you are interested in everything. You got every medical issues known to mankind and that you are interested in buying every products on earth. Yes I am a homeowner and Yes I got diabetes biatchh.
  5. Establish yourself as a reliable survey taker by taking survey right away as soon as they get to your email inbox. Bookmark all the login pages of survey sites. Do the ones with cash and reward point survey offers.

Legit Paid Online Survey Sites:

  1. Survey Savvy – You get a screener survey. If you qualify, expect to receive an average of $2 to $20 per survey. Excellent referral program. No minimum threshold required to request payment.
  2. Synovate – Get email invitations to do survey.  You will also get products to test it out. Get payment by check. 25000 points redeem for $25 check.
  3. Ipsos Panel – Get freebies by doing test product and get paid for doing it.
  4. American Consumer Opinion – Based on the results of your screener survey, it can pay you from $4 to $25 per survey. The survey takes 10 to 20 minutes. American consumer offers payment in the form of a check, and payment arrives within four weeks.
  5. My Survey – You get points for each survey. 100 points equal $1.  Most screener surveys pay between 10 to 30 points, but they lead to higher paying surveys that can pay as much as 1000 points. Do two to six screen surveys per week.  You must accumulate at least 1000 points before you can redeem your points for cash. 1000 points will earn you $10.
  6. SurveySpot – Get email survey invitations close match for your profile. Get cash paid survey offers ranging from $1 to $10 per survey each month. It can takes up to six weeks for survey earnings to be processed and be available for redemption.
  7. Light Speed Panel – Expect several invitations a week. The surveys give you points. Most surveys average about 75 to 300 points. Currently 115 points = $1.  Paymen via Paypal next businenss day.
  8. Greenfield Online – They offer cash or an entry in their reward sweepstakes.  I would go for the actual cash money for doing surveys. You will get plenty of paid surveys.
  9. Opinion Outpost – Each email invitation will indicate the points that you can earn for completing the survey and the estimated time it will take to complete the survey.  Get between 10 to 100 points per survey . 10 points = $1, so most surveys pay between $1 to $10 dollars.  You should expect about four to eight invitations per month.
  10. Global Test Market – Take profile survey right away after sign up. Profile surveys are important because they will help GlobalTestMarket send you more surveys. Get 10 points per profile survey. Their surveys are rewarded with cash incentives. 1000 points can be redeems for $50 check.


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  1. Michael says

    I’ve been using SurveySpot and Global Test Market. I just got a $6 check from SurveySpot (min. payout is $5, which is about two surveys). They send a lot of non-paid surveys (you get tickets in a $25k raffle), but I always delete those. It takes FOREVER for the rewards to post… 4-6 weeks, like you said.

    It will actually take a long time to get the 1000 points/$50 from Global Test Market… I only have about 160 points after a month or so. I rarely qualify for any of the surveys, but they credit 5 points (a quarter) anyway.

    Great tips! Definitely get another email address; it makes sorting easier. Also, the surveys expire very quickly. They’re usually gone if you don’t do them within 12 hours. Thanks for the information on the other sites; I’ll check them out.

  2. says

    I hate those survey sometimes! But my favorite right now is e-rewards. I filled out a survey that was to take 25 minutes in under 5, and got like $5-10 for it. They don’t give out “money” but you can get airline miles and other stuff.


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