Wachovia $25 Referral Bonus

Looking for an easy $25 bank bonus? I can now refer you to Wachovia with their $25 referral program. Just open a free checking with $100 deposit and they will send us both a $25 Visa Gift Card. Very simple, email me [email protected] with your full name and ask for a Wachovia referral link. This nationwide bonus is easy because it can be done online and takes less than 5 minutes to complete the online process. Make sure to deposit $100 to get your bonus. There is no direct deposit requirement and it’s a totally free checking. Best part is you can refer your friends and family up to 20 referrals per calendar year. That’s another $500 a year for you if you manage to refer 20 people.


  1. Robert says


    Me and my friend went down to a recently opened Wachovia. I had a friend with an account already. We both started accounts. My friend got 25 dollar gift card mailed to him. I got two 25 dollar gift cards ( one for being refered and one for refering my friend ). We also got one each 75 bonus ( you have to use the card 10 times first, but atm withdrawels count ). Total take 250 dollars for 2 100 dollar deposits.

    Apparently when they open a new bank in the area they do this.

  2. says

    I got my $25 bonus card last week.Used it to buy groceries! However I tried to refer my live in fiance, but it did not work.Apprently Wachovia is serious when they say “one referral bonus per household”


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