1. Natalie Cokley says

    I signed up with BBVA when I started my job almost 3 months ago in March because the company required us to have direct deposit and I did not have a bank account. I met the qualifications to get the free kindle fire very easily. I made sure I picked the right type of checking account and had a $300 direct deposit from work clear after my first full week. Bam! 2 out of 3 requirements fulfilled in the first 2 weeks. I personally do not have any bills to pay, so I turned to my Mother and asked her to pick 3 DIFFERENT (yes, they DO have to be from 3 companies!) seperate bills she needed to pay, had her deposit the total amount of all 3 into my account, and I paid them through the BBVA online bill pay option. I set up to pay the water, electric, and the satellite bill all on the same day. 2 of the bill payments cleared immediately and the other bill cleared a day or so later. By the end of March I had met all the qualifications I needed to. So I went to the closest BBVA Branch and asked one of the employees how to go about getting my kindle fire since I met all the requirements. She informed me that the account would somehow alert that I qualified (or something like that) and that by the end of May I should be recieving it in via UPS. After that I heard nothing about when I would be recieving the kindle…UNTIL this past Wednesday, May 29, 2013. I checked my e-mail and had a tracking code from USP and at first I couldn’t figure out what or if I had ordered something, then I remembered what the lady at the BBVA branch told me. My kindle will be here by the end of Monday, June 3rd. So all you people that think the promotion is or was (not sure if its still going) an impossible task, is too difficult to qualify for, or is some kind of sham – I can tell you that your mostly likely not reading/understanding the qualifications fully. I have terrible credit and was able to qualify for the account required and was able to get the 3 bills paid online thanks to my mom. If the bill pay is the only thing your having trouble with and find 1-3 people (with cell phone, water, electric, cable, satellite, or any bill of that sort) that would be willing to deposit money or pay you back the money after the bill payment clears and there ya go! Bill pay problem resolved! Pretty easy to qualify. If you think you met all the requirements, want to make sure you did, or need a better explanation of how to qualify, then get off your butt and go to a BBVA branch and talk to an employee to see what else you need to do or if you want to verify you did everything you needed to do. That’s what I did and I’m gonna have a brand new Kindle in less than 3 days. Granted I had to wait about 2 months to get any sort of notification but it turned out to be worth it.

  2. austin78704 says

    Be careful. I am currently trying to get the Kindle. The thing is that the payments have to be scheduled through their Online Bill Pay functionality and they have to be ELECTRONIC. Those who have used Bill Pay services in the past may be familiar with the fact that the Bill Pay service may pay a bill with a check or they may pay with an electronic transfer as suits them. So far, I have paid (or scheduled for payment) a Discover Card, a BankAmericard, a Visa card issued Barclays Bank, and some insurance premiums through BBVA Compass Bill Pay. ALL were paid by paper check except the BankAmericard.

    I called BBVA and expressed concern that it was going to be hard to meet their requirements to get the Kindle if I don’t know whether a payment is going to be electronic or not. The customer assistor hinted that since I “know” the BankAmericard is going to be paid electronically, I can break up that payment into a couple of payments over $50 and meet the requirements. I was frustrated, but still hopeful when I hung up.

    Since then, I have re-scheduled the payment to Bank of America to be two payments (for one credit card billing statement cycle) of over $50 each. However, at this point, it appears that both payments will go out as checks!?!!?!?!?! I will probably be calling them after I finish this post. I have to get my three Bill Pays in by 5/28. I am beginning to lose hope that I can get a free Kindle from this bank. But, maybe there’s still a way…

    • Gordon Davis says

      FOLLOW UP:
      UPDATE: One of the payments I scheduled has gone through as electronic (as opposed to a paper check) even though a check # showed in the display before the Bill Pay service initiated the payment and even though the CSRs said that if it looks like it’s going to go over as a paper check it will go over as a paper check. Of course, they also said that if the default (earliest date) is tomorrow than it is most likely going to be electronic. And, when I scheduled the payment on Monday, the default date was today. And, as I said before, sure enough, it is going over electronically. So, maybe this will work after all…

      • taxlawiscool says

        FOLLOW UP:
        I finally got my Kindle. One thing that the company screwed up on is that the Bill Pay customer service people evidently did not know that just because a scheduled bill initially looks as if it’s going out as a check, does not mean that it’s going out as a check. Most of my BillPay’s counted as an electronic BillPay (BillPay’s that actually go out as a paper check don’t count). So, I really sweated more than I needed to. Also, we got an e-mail that said we should get the Kindle in 6-8 weeks or something like that. It gave a number you could call for more info but we never called it. Then, several weeks later, we find out that we’re going to receive a package from something like CMS Systems (may not have the name exactly right). This must be their fulfillment service. In any case, we got the Kindle just fine. One amazing is that the company evidently arranged for it to be shipped without the constant ads and offers. It came in a little canvas BBVA Compass case with a little canvas handle. It’s pretty nice for a free tablet.

    • Gana says

      I have the same question. Where does it say that bonus is available for AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, NM & TX residents only ?

  3. Nick says

    do they hard pull the credit history?
    since they mention”Checking accounts are subject to approval, which may include credit approval” in the terms.


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