Salem Five Bank Review: $100 Visa Reward Card & 1.00% APY eOne Savings

Available nationwide, there’s a great opportunity to get a $100 Visa Reward Card and earn 1.00% APY Savings account from Salem Five Bank! This reward card can be earned after opening a free, no fee eOne checking account. Once you open a new Salem Five checking account, you must complete one of the three following options to get your $100 Visa Reward Card.

  • Complete 2 direct deposit transactions over $250 within 60 days.
  • Complete 6 online bill pays within 60 days.
  • Complete 20 debit transactions within 60 days

Important: Use promo code SUM when registering your $100 bonus! Promo Link

Salem Five Bank $100 Bonus Information:

  • Sign up Offer
  • Account Type: Star, Gold Star or eOne checking
  • Availability: Nationwide
  • Expiration Date: None
  • Hard Inquiry: Yes, hard credit pull.
  • Opening Deposit Credit Card Funding: No
  • Direct Deposit Requirement: Yes/No.
  • Monthly Fee: The eOne checking has no monthly fee. Star and Gold checking have $15 and $20 fee, respectively.
  • Additional Requirements: If you don’t want to do direct deposit, then you must do 6 bill pays or do 20 debit transactions within 60 days to get the bonus. Make use to promo code “PP2013″ when filling out the application form.
  • Closing Account Fee: No

Salem Five Direct eOne Saving 1.00% APY

Not just for the $100 bonus, you may be interested in Salem Five Direct’s eOne Savings 1.00% APY. This is one of the highest interest earning accounts in the country available all new customers for balances up to $500,000. The eOne Savings account has no minimum balance and no monthly fees. Enjoy free ATM card and immediate transfer between eOne Saving and eOne Checking. Instead of wandering from bank to bank, you should consider opening an account with Salem Five Direct.

The branches are located in Massachusetts area, but anyone can qualify for this $100 Visa Reward Card by opening a new checking account with Salem Five Bank and complete one of the three options listed above. See our full list of bank promotions today!

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  1. john mccann says

    The second chance they gave me was all a waste of time. I did the six online bill pays as it says in the fine print. Talked to a person at the bank about the status of my gift card. She said it had to be six DIFFERENT payees with respect to the online bill pays. This is not in the fine print. Closed the account. Not worth my time. Do your homework with this one or cross this bank off your list.

  2. john mccann says

    I opened up the wrong account the first time. They did give me a second chance,though. Make sure you open an eOne checking account. Not sure about doing it a second time. Some banks say wait a year.

  3. Sam says

    I’m guessing there’s not a stipulation regarding past accounts with them? I opened an account last year for the bonus and closed it last year. I don’t see anything that would disqualify based on history when them.

  4. john mccann says

    There’s a bait and switch to this. Make sure you open the right checking account. Call first. A few hurdles to climb to get this.

  5. says

    Yes that’s a great deal but I would be careful about opening an account depending where you are in Massachusetts as there aren’t a ton of branches in Boston or the immediate burbs. You have to be north of town otherwise if you use atm’s you will get hit with tons of fees as there aren’t any Salem Five ones around. I believe they are expanding as I saw one in Fall River and I think there’s one opening in Waltham but this is the land of Citizen’s and B of A.

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