U.S Bank LANPASS Visa Signature Card Review: 20,000 Bonus Miles


If you’re a travel freak and love to be treated with numerous bonuses and discount offers on flights and miles traveled, the U.S Bank LANPASS Visa Signature® Card is exclusively made for you. With this card in your hand, you will be able to receive privileges and a chance to redeem your bonus points for every specific number of miles traveled. For every $1 dollar spent, card holders get one LANPASS mile in return. On applying for a U.S Bank LANPASS Visa Signature Card today, you get to enjoy 20,000 first use bonus miles with never ending benefits. Exclusive LANPASS card benefits range from bonus miles to upgrade coupons. Once you have your U.S Bank LANPASS Visa Signature® Card you will not have to worry about your travel expenses anymore. Moreover there will be no cap on the miles you earn on your LANPASS card. On your first card use, 20000 bonus miles are what you’re rewarded with. When you go for an annual renewal further 4,000 bonus miles are upgraded to your card so you enjoy an unstoppable traveling spree.

LANPASS Visa Signature Card Features:

  • 1 LANPASS Mile for every $1 you spend
  • No Cap on Miles Earned
  • 20,000 Bonus Miles with your first card use
  • 4,000 Bonus Miles with your annual credit card renewal
  • Double Miles on LAN ticket purchases
  • No annual fee for the first year† ($75 thereafter)*
  • 20% discount on LAN purchase (up to $1,000) 1 time per year
  • 25% flight miles bonus

Furthermore when you purchase LAN tickets, US bank grants you double miles, 25% flight miles bonus and 3 one way coupons that can be used for the purpose of upgrading your U.S Bank LANPASS Visa Signature Card. To serve as an icing on the cake, you will get an exemption to pay the annual fee for the first year. The annual fee otherwise is $75 and needs to be paid for the years following.

Convinced a lot? This is not all. Under signature benefits of the U.S Bank LANPASS Visa Signature® Card, card holders have the opportunity to spend with there being no preset limit. To give you an accurate idea of your spending, an account summary is sent to you absolutely free of cost. Visa Signature Concierge, Visa Signature Travel and Shopping, and Visa Signature Sports and Entertainment are other golden benefits that are hard to find anywhere else.

Just like the benefits, the good things about U.S Bank LANPASS Visa do not seem to end. Since it’s a VISA card, you will not have to bother about searching for places where it is accepted and where it isn’t. Its worldwide acceptance is a blessing. Card holders may use his/her U.S Bank LANPASS Visa Signature® Card to access 1,000,000 ATMs around the globe. To keep your worries at a minimum you are also given the power of internet banking which lets you make a payment, know your transaction history and check your balance to be sure that no fraud has taken place. Rewards are also given when you pay bills using your U.S Bank LANPASS Visa Signature® Card online, early payments receive faster rewards. To keep you safe and secure during your travel, travel and emergency services are also arranged for to help you in almost any and every travel emergency.

Being a U.S Bank LANPASS Visa Signature® Card holder is a win-win deal. Grab your LANPASS card today and get access to a world of never ending rewards and benefits.


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