1. says

    Call this number for Sprint (877 365-6413) and give them your employee email address and they will approve your credit instantly. It will take 2 billing cycles to show up on your bill. Sprints automated approval system for discounts seems to be flawed at times…

    • chris says

      @ Shansero, that is not working. Sprint rep “Chanell” want’s me to complete the form and send a Copy of ID badge and or paystub… I don’t have that. I am just trying to re-verify my existing discount. Any other Ideas?

      • Carol says

        I just called Sprint and found that they have a 22% discount for AARP members and a 10% discount for AAA members. The customer service rep gave me the corporate code and I’ll fill in the form and fax it back. You’re supposed to be able to enter online and verify it but I received an error message when I tried to do that.

    • Joe says


      Thanks for the feedback but unfortunately the @aim account method no longer works.

      I get this message:

      Your email address doesn’t look like it matches the participating company, university, or organization through which you have a Sprint discount. Please try re-entering it.

      If you have received this message multiple times, don’t worry – there’s another option. Please select the “Fax or upload” link to the right to send us your proof of eligibility via fax or upload.

      Any thoughts? Suggestions?

  2. Susan Marks says

    I did all of above and liked on facebook and subscribed and sent email but have heard nothing regarding this code for Sprint? Where is it?

  3. sharon says

    I just renew my contract with sprint and the asking me to confirm eligibility for the sprint discount,what should I do now?

  4. DC says

    So I checked the regular prices vs. the SERP, and the discount is really just $20 for two lines, and an extra 100 minutes a month for a Shared Family Plan with data. Darn it. I am still on my old employer’s plan, but if they check, then I am kinda hosed. Where can I find a real 25% off discount? My new employer is not part of that, so the best I may be able to do is the SERP. :>(


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