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    The E-Trade account promo web page actually lists an account schedule up to $2500 at the bottom of the page.

    I chatted with a CSR, who claimed that this was true, and they were indeed paying up to $2500. But, I don’t know whether I can trust this, or whether the page just hasn’t been updated.

    On another note, I got an IRA transfer bonus earlier in the year, so I’m curious whether E-Trade gives one bonus per account type (and per what period), or one per time period (and what period)?

    Since they have no promo code, it’s not easy to determine when one “offer” ends, and the next starts:

    “Offer valid for one new E*TRADE Securities Individual, Joint or Retirement account opened by December 31, 2014 and funded within 60 days of account opening with at least $10,000. Other restrictions may apply.


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