1. Eric says


    the fine print is the fine print but when I went to the brick and mortar branch, with my wife, the day the promotion expired I simply spoke to the manager and showed him the promo letter and requested they honor a new account for my wife as well. My request was honored and it was done without incident. All I needed to do was to funnel a direct deposit (of any amount… I did $15, wife $20) from my employer. The initial $50 was immediate, the next 50 is $10/month I think we are on installment 4 or 5… close to the $100.

  2. Jay says

    The fine print says the 2013 bonus is only for recipients of First Niagara’s letter, so it is not open to one and all. The bank’s offer reads
    “Promotion … is available to the recipient of the letter offer only, and is not transferable.”

  3. Eric says

    Coming down to the wire on this offer but I called the 1-800 number and the CSR told me it was only valid for people who received an offer letter (which I did). My wife however did not receive one and I’d like to get her hooked up too. I need to go by the local branch to see if they are promoting this at the brick and mortar locations as well. I’ve gotten burned in the past (Trustco Bank (you suck)) filling out online applications/opening accounts only to not have them honor they promo.

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