The Plum Card from American Express OPEN Review

by Hu$tler on October 28, 2011

in Credit Card bonuses

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Are you a business owner looking for a charge card with the flexibility to pay your balance on your schedule but with no interest or penalties? The Plum Card® from American Express OPEN is a unique charge card with no pre-set spending limit that gives you payment flexibility each month by allowing you to either pay in full and be rewarded or to defer your payments interest-free. When you use your card, you can earn a 1.5% discount on eligible purchases when you pay your balance in full within 10 days of the statement closing date; this discount will appear as a credit on your next statement. However, you can also choose to take two months to pay your full balance without interest when you pay 10% of your balance by the “Please Pay By” date on your statement and the other 90% by the closing date of your next billing cycle. In addition, enjoy other unique benefits like choosing when your billing cycle ends (at the beginning, middle, or end of the month to best suit your business needs) for even more cash flow flexibility. Don’t forget, with the Plum Card, you also enjoy all of the American Express OPEN card membership perks such as car rental loss and damage insurance, roadside assistance, travel insurance, and a plethora of automatic online saving discounts with participating partners.

Key Features:

  • Get a 1.5% discount for paying early or up to 60 days to pay without interest, or both each month.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees.
  • Do business on your terms.
  • Pay no annual Membership fee for your first year. Then, pay $250 annually.
  • No annual fee for Employee Cards.
  • Terms & Restrictions Apply.

If your business has a revenue of at least 6 figures annually and are needing a charge card with a flexible and rewarding payment plan, the Plum Card® from American Express OPEN is definitely a good option. Apply today!


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