Complete Bank of America Bonuses List

Newly Updated Bonuses as of 4/21/2010

I’ve written many bank bonuses on this website. Bank of America has to be ranked as one of the best in giving out bonuses. For those who still feel this as a hassle, I feel that you are missing out on this gravy train. Get them now since these bonuses are like an endanger species.

Complete Bank of America Bonuses List

  1. Bank of America’s $100 bonus – In order to qualify for the $100 bonus, you must deposit $250 and make a debit purchase within 30 days of account opening. You will get the $100 bonus after 90 days. Offer is good until 5/15/2010. Offer code is MLBEM100. Further Review.
  2. Bank of America’s $75 bonus – this offer is good until 4/30/10 with offer code CH75OL1 to get the $75 bonus. Available only for Bank of America’s credit card customers. You must fund your new account with $125 within 30 days and they will send your $75 bonus within 90 days of account opening.
  3. Bank of America’s $50 bonus – get $50 bonus with offer code GROUP50 when you set up direct deposit. Initial deposit must be $25. Offer good until 6/30/10.

*Hard credit inquiry on your first checking account. However, no additional ones are done for subsequent accounts.

**Take screen shot of the offer and offer code. They are notoriously known for forgetting to send out bonuses. Sometime, use their email to remind them or you might have to call them.

***Keep an eye out for fees on your account. It states clearly that there is no fees when account is opened online.

  1. $250 Keep the Change – One of the best bonuses I’ve personally done myself. They will match up to $250 within the first 3 months of participating KTC. You must have a savings account to get this to work. For every purchase with your debit card using your PIN, your change will go directly to the savings account. They will match it.

*Best methods to maximize KTC:  Pump gas $1.01 for 253 times at a gas station usually at night for convenience, pay your cable bill online such as Time Warner $1.01 for 253 times, or pay garbage bill the same.

**Terms and Conditions let you have up to have 5 Keep The Change accounts, hence 5 x $250 = $1250 bonus. Props to you if you can do all 5 within 1 year.

  1. Bank of America’s $0 Equity Trades – for those with $25K or more in all asset across BoA deposit accounts, including checking, savings, and CDs, you can get free equity trades.
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  1. says

    Thanks David.

    Here’s a better way. Not sure how long it will last as you all know when things get out of control.

    Donate ­čśë each time to pay down the U.S government Debt.

    *Warning: BOA might close your account with too many 1 cent purchases

  2. David says

    Wrapping up my first KTC now. Some notes for those interested in going the online route.

    Verizon has been easy to pay $1 at a time online.
    Comcast has a more extensive form (get roboform) and their website is both misleading (it consistently had wrong balance for money still due) and unreliable (I’ve been locked out of making payments for over a week and an online chat says that it’s just some glitch they will eventually fix).
    AT&T only allows two payments for me every 24 hours. Still easier than pumping gas I think, but can get tedious.

  3. says

    Why do you need a legitimate reason? It’s a free can have 100 accounts if they let you. We are just following their terms and conditions. Great way to make bonus money.

    The checking accounts should be free as long as you open online through the bonus links. However, you might want to ask the CSR on the savings. I think it was monthly deposit from checking to savings of $25 i think for it to be free.

  4. Dave says

    Wow, that is crazy! It’s hard for me to think of a legitimate reason why somebody would need 5 accounts. But you’d have to keep $300+ in your savings account for each one to avoid their monthly fee, right?

  5. says

    You open 5 Checking accounts and 5 saving accounts. Checking 1 to Saving 1, Checking 2 to Saving 2, etc. This can be done at the branch.

    They will issue you 5 debit cards so you will know which is which.

  6. David says

    I’m interested in the Keep the change program x5. How do you do it 5 separate times? Do you need to create 5 different accounts? How can you specify that a purchase goes to account 3, not account 2 for instance?

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