1. BetterBankBonus says

    I did this $300 offer a week ago. Opened account, did a $50 push from Serve and the bonus posted four days later on the following Tuesday (always the case, they said). I then converted the account to Free Asterisk checking to avoid monthly fee. I still had to pay $25 ECF to close the MM account that they opened together with 25 checking. MM account starts charging $25 Monthly fee when not linked to 25 checking for balances <25K. So, my advice is to NOT open the MM account if you don't plan to deposit $25K

  2. Cory says

    Haha, I never did get my $100 bonus. Maybe because they accidentally opened two accounts in my name, and started charging me a fee for the other account I didn’t notice existed. I also can’t create an online profile, because there system says “I do not exist”.

    I feel like you are just “a number” at Huntington. I asked politely if I could get the fee waived since it was their mistake. They said no, and I didn’t push it. I will be closing my account this September, simply because I have to wait 6-months to avoid the “early account closing fee”.

    I understand things can be a cluster.

    • Howy says

      Hi Jerry Your link for a free coupons no longer works 4-14-2014. I just signed up for the $100 option that is good until 5/31/2014 using a code I obtained thru the mail. That code is now locked out, so they are only useable once. The $150 offer has timed out.
      @ Ryan, You have to NOT be a current customer. That they include one that was a customer 6 months ago. So one year ago should work but the same coupon code would not work.
      Have fun

  3. Kevin says

    It’d be nice to at least know which neighborhoods they were passed out to. I’ve looked through a bunch of trash and recycle bins trying to find one. I think the saddest part is that basically all the people who are receiving it are going to look at it like junk mail and just toss it. What a waste!

  4. Ken says

    This seems to be targeted. A coupon code is required for this offer. Too bad. It would have been an easy $100 otherwise.

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