1. Paul says

    07/22/2015 – weird things were happening when I clicked on the Key Bank offer. first, it said it was no longer available and offered a $100 bonus. I closed the window, re-opened it and there was a sign on to the original offer. I began filling out the inof requested got as far as the page to enter the promo code – which i did, hit “continue” and what do you know….? an error page opens up stating they have encountered a “systems error”….with apologies – bummer :>(

  2. andrew says

    This should be updated. Right on the promo page it says there are no monthly maintenance fees, and no minimum account balance (assuming you open the No Hassle account). This makes the bonus much more valuable.

  3. Cory says

    This code would not work for me, and I reside in central Indiana. Its a pretty nice bonus I’m missing out on.

    “Offer/Marketing Code The offer code entered is either not available in your area or for the account you selected. Please change or remove the code to complete your request.”


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