1. greyhk says

    Does anyone here know how long you have to keep the account open before closing, before they take back the bonus?

  2. NM says

    “You can fund your initial deposit up to $2000 with a credit card which is coded as a purchase.”

    Doesn’t appear to be true any longer. I called and they stated that if you use a Credit card, it will be coded as a cash advance.

  3. Luvs Bonus says

    I used a Bank of America ACH push to fund my PNC account. I met all of the other requirements and was denied the bonus. Reason given in the branch was it was not a direct deposit.

  4. Paula says

    I’m so lost. The lady in at PNC bank said I just had to make one online bill payment and have 1direct deposit. She never told me it had to be 2000…… This is messed up I switched banks cause I thought this place was better….

  5. Ashley says

    I just confirmed via a Customer Care rep that this offer is only available to residents of DE, IL, IN, MD, NJ, PA, VA, WI and DC.

    Looks like they changed from the list above.

    • says

      That’s odd. Maybe they need to change the availability on their website. It’s still showing the States I listed on the bonus page.

  6. says

    My name is William and I need a new bank my last one told me I had a $20.00 dollars over draft but when I went $8.56 over they took my nonprofit bank account but it was my personal account that I went over so I would like to have a nonprofit account with the back all I ask is for a email when over and do you do over draft.

  7. Mike says

    I had two deposits of 1001 from my job twice a month and got the bonus within a few weeks of completing that requirement. In talking to customer service, I needed to make sure I had at least 2,000 a month being deposited.

  8. kim hosek says

    I opened a new credit card with pnc based on their promotion of giving 50,000 points if I spend $750 in three months. when I received the card I again confirmed this bonus. after meeting these qualifications, I still didn’t receive so I called them and after waiting for approx. 15 min I was told I didn’t qualify because some kind of code want entered by them. this is totally unfair and I am fighting this but have received help. I feel this is fraud and pnc is cheating me. I wouldn’t deal with this bank


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