1. Jane says

    same thing happened to me. I put 5k into a checking account to get the bonus then after the time period they didn’t give me the bonus, they’ve been passing the buck saying no bonus ever existed. the feds should shut them down.

  2. Harry Stoll says

    I opened a Bank of the West checking account to get a $100 bonus, which I received. It also said I could get a $50 bonus for using my debit card 10 times in the billing periods late sep to late oct and late oct to late nov. I did that but no bonus. The bank tells me each had to be for $3 or more. (They weren’t). I don;t remember the offer saying that. The bank says it’s in the small print. I can’t find the offer online, although I find other BW offers. Can anybody help?

  3. Josh says

    Does anyone have the fine print on this specific bonus? Bank of the West has told me that the only bonus they’ve ever done requires direct deposit and 10 debit card transactions. They say if I don’t do those two things, I will not receive the $150 bonus. I remember reading the fine print and not seeing those requirements when I signed up for their account. Thanks.

    • says

      I don’t see the direct deposit requirement in the offer page for the bonus. You may be looking at fee waive requirement, which DD is one of the options.

  4. Alexis says

    They do not honor these specials. I complied with my part of the bargain very early in the promotion period. No one will credit my account. Each person I call, passes the buck. No one seems to want to spend any time trying to fix this. I will probably try another bank, not worth the hassles to chase them around for my credit.

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