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Chase is well known for their Checking & Savings Coupons, Bonuses, and Promotions. Below, you’ll find the most complete list of Chase Checking $150, $200, $300, $500, $600, and even $800 Bonus Coupons Combo! We also have Chase $200 Coupon combo til 4/15/2015 available freely at no cost! Either print out the code to take it to your local Chase branch or apply online through the same link. No need to email anyone or buy from eBay. I would print now ASAP since Chase is known to take it down before the expiration date.

If you are looking for the NO direct deposit requirement, you must buy it from eBay(make sure to read the terms carefully). There is even the Chase $500 coupon combo available on eBay if you prefer to go that route.

*Chase $250 Combo Coupons*Click here for $250 Chase CouponsChase $200 Checking & $50 Savings Coupon(valid til 3/15/2015) with direct deposit.

Sapphire PreferredChase Sapphire Preferred® Card offers 40,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 in purchases within the first 3 months. With 40,000 bonus points, you can redeem for $500 towards airfare and hotel accommodations. You can earn an additional 5,000 bonus points after you add the first authorized user and make a purchase in the first 3 months from account opening. Earn 2x points on travel, 2x points on dining at restaurants, and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases. Your points go far since you get 20% off travel when redeemed thru Ultimate Rewards. All Chase Sapphire Preferred cardholders enjoy travel benefits and a direct access to a live adviser 24 hours a day. No foreign transaction fees, plus Chip and Signature enabled for international travel. The annual fee of $95 is waived for the first year of card ownership. Apply Now---Chase Sapphire Preferred Review

Chase Coupons: *Updated February 24, 2015*

Chase Total Checking $500 Bonus:

  • By Ebay Only: Buy Here
  • Account Type: Total Checking
  • Availability: Nationwide mostly, but must enter zip code to see.
  • Expiration Date: 3/27/2015
  • Hard Inquiry: No, just soft pull
  • Opening Deposit Credit Card Funding: Yes, up to $500 with a non-Chase credit card.
  • Direct Deposit Requirement: Yes
  • Monthly Fee: $10 or $12 fee for Total Checking($1,500 balance to waive monthly fee).
  • Additional Requirements: $100 opening deposit within 10 business days for Total checking.
  • Closing Account Fee: Must wait at least 6 months, otherwise $200 bonus will revert back.

Possible Banks that may count as direct deposit for Chase when using ACH transfers: Ally, American Express Serve, American Express Bluebird, Ameritrade, Barclays Online Savings, Discover Bank, E*Trade, Fidelity, Huntington Bank, and PenFed.

Chase Freedom $200Chase Freedom® offers a $100 cash back bonus for new cardholders that spend $500 during the first three months of membership. You'll earn an additional $25 bonus after you add your first authorized user and make a purchase within this same 3-month period. New members will also get 0% introductory APR on balance transfers and purchases for 15 months. Then regular APR: 13.99%-22.99% (Variable). This great cash rewards credit card is designed for those of you who want to earn easy cash back bonuses in return for your spending. Between January 1 and March 31, 2015, you can earn 5% rewards on up to $1500 spent on grocery stores, movie theaters, and Starbucks® stores. For all other purchases, you'll earn unlimited 1% cash back. Best of all, there is no annual membership fee. Apply Now---Chase Freedom $100 Bonus Review

Chase CouponsChase Coupon $200 Combo Bonus: Available for new Chase customers until 4/15/2015, the $200 Coupon available freely for a limited time only. For new Chase checking customers, you get $150 when you open a Chase Total Checking account with direct deposit and a $50 bonus for opening a Chase savings account with $5,000 or more in new money within 10 business days & maintain a $5,000 balance for 90 days. Print now ASAP! For further information, read my in-depth Chase $200 Coupon Review.

If you copy this Chase Coupons List or post it in a Forum, please link back to Hustlermoneyblog. It’s absolutely the most updated Chase Coupons list and information- bar none! I worked hard on this list and only ask for recognition.

Chase-250-CouponChase $200 Checking & $50 Savings Coupon available to for HMB’s readers at no cost. Apply directly online or visit your Chase branch to open a Chase Premier Plus CheckingSM account with a $100 deposit, and set up direct deposit. Then open a Savings account with $5K deposit and get $250 total bonus. You’ll then receive $250 into your new Chase checking account within 10 business days after Chase receive your initial direct deposit. You get access to 20,000+ Chase ATMs and 5,600 branches, 24/7 customer service, and complimentary Chase design checks and small safe deposit box. This offer expires 3/15/2015 and is available for new checking customers only. See the full Chase $250 Coupons combo Review.

Chase Coupon 2014Chase Coupon $150 Bonus is now available for those seeking to open a Chase Bank Checking Account valid until 4/15/2015. New checking customers can open a Chase Total Checking(SM) account and set up direct deposit to get $150 cash bonus. This allows you to open an account online if you wish or simply enter your email to receive a $150 Chase coupon code to open at your local branch. Make sure to open the Chase Total Checking account with a minimum of $100. I wrote in more details on this Chase $150 Coupon Review.

Chase coupon codeChase Coupon $125 Bonus for opening a Chase Total Checking when you deposit $100 and set up direct deposit. As a Chase account holder, you’ll enjoy Chase debit card with built-in security, free access to 19,000 Chase ATMs nationwide, free online banking & online bill pay, free text and email alerts, and free Chase mobile on your phone. The Bonus offer expires 7/7/2014. I explained in great details with my Chase $125 Coupon Review.

How To Avoid $12 Chase Checking Service Fees: Have at least one (1) direct deposit of at least $500  OR (2)Keep a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more in your checking account. OR (3)Have an average balance of $5,000 or more in qualifying accounts with Chase Bank.

Chase Business CouponsChase $200 Business Checking Coupon is available only through the mail for Chase Business Credit Card holders.  I have personally experience receiving a Chase $200 business coupon after becoming a Chase Ink Cash® Business Card holder. YMMV. In the past, Chase provides $200 Business Checking Coupon to take to your local Chase Bank and open a Chase Business Checking account. Also, it doesn’t hurt to ask your local Chase bankers about getting a bonus when opening a business checking account.

Chase Busines Ink Cash 2015Chase Ink Cash® Business Card offers $200 cash back after you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months from account opening – one of the largest amounts ever offered for a business credit card. You'll receive 5% cash back on the first $25,000 spent annually at office supply stores, and on cellular phone, landline, internet, and cable TV services. The card also gives 2% cash rebate on the first $25,000 spent annually on gas and dining expenses, and 1% rebate on all other things. There is a 0% introductory APR for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers. Afterwards, the go-to APR of Regular APR: 13.24% (Variable). I personally prefer Ink Cash Business Card to the other Ink cards because you get cash back, generous cash rebates, and no annual fee for a business card!

If you have a side business such as selling on eBay, Craigslist, or do freelance work, then your business is called sole proprietorship. Simply use your name as business ID and Social Security number as tax ID. Apply Now---Chase Ink Cash Business Review

Chase Coupons from eBay:

Apparently, many people are selling the Chase Coupons on Ebay that you can’t find a direct link online. The Chase Coupons sell anywhere from $1 to as high as $100 for the biggest bonus.  Where do eBay sellers get them from? Depending on the zip code, Chase send out direct promotion flyers by mail. This includes, but not limited to, the Chase $500 Premier Checking Coupon, Chase $300 Premier Checking Coupon, Chase $200 Total Checking with NO Direct Deposit, Chase $175 Savings Coupon, Chase $150 Savings Coupon, and many more. The Ebay sellers will provide up to date instructions and requirements, so make sure to read carefully and buy only from sellers with high feedback.

Chase $500 Premier CheckingChase $500 Premier Checking Coupons(none available currently) are now available online on eBay to buy. This is by far the biggest Chase checking deal I’ve seen in all my years of writing about Chase bonuses. Once you get the Chase Coupon Code, you visit your local Chase branch to open a Chase Premier Plus Checking account with a $100 deposit and set up direct deposit to trigger the $500 bonus. You’ll then receive $500 into your new Chase checking account within 10 business days after Chase receive your initial direct deposit. It’s most likely possible to open in conjunction with a $200 Chase Savings coupon to earn a grand total of $700 bonus.

  1. Chase Premier $500 Checking
  2. Chase Premier $500 Checking

Chase $500 BonusGet $500 for both Chase Total Checking and Savings as long as this is your first bonus for 2015 with Chase Bank. Chase mails these coupons combo out in certain markets and people are selling them on eBay. Those who want maximum bonus money from Chase to do it each year, you should consider getting the Chase $300 Total Checking & Chase $200 Savings Combo only available for buying Chase Coupons on eBay.  To get the $300 Bonus, you must open a Total Checking account and deposit $100 with 10 days. The second $200 bonus is for opening a new Chase Savings account with $25,000 deposit or more within 10 days and maintain a $25,000 balance for 90 days.

  1. Chase $500 Total Checking & Savings Combo
  2. Chase $500 Total Checking & Savings Combo
  3. Chase $500 Total Checking & Savings Combo
  4. Chase $500 Total Checking & Savings Combo
  5. Chase $500 Total Checking & Savings Combo

Chase Coupon BonusBuy these Chase Bank’s $300 Total Checking & $150 Savings combo coupons from eBay to earn $450 total in bonuses. Remember, there IS a direct deposit requirement for the Total Checking and $10K deposit requirement for the Savings account. You can use 1 or both of them at the same time, but code can only be redeemed ONCE. It’s possible to buy Chase $200 Savings coupon separately and open that with your $300 total checking for a maximum $500 total Chase bonuses.

  1. Chase $450 Total Checking & Savings Coupons Combo
  2. Chase $450 Total Checking & Savings Coupons Combo
  3. Chase $450 Total Checking & Savings Coupons Combo
  4. Chase $450 Total Checking & Savings Coupons Combo

Chase Savings Total Checking

Chase $400 Bonus Combo Coupons when you sign up for the $200 Total Checking and $200 Savings account. Now available upon request, read from above to receive one coupon code card to get up to $400 when you open a Chase checking & savings account ($200 for each account).  In order to qualify for the promotion, you must not be a current Chase customer. The first $200 bonus is for new Chase Checking customers who open a Chase Total Checking account. Get another $200 bonus for opening a new Chase Savings account for depositing a total of $15,000 or more in new money within 10 business days and maintaining a $15,000 balance for 90 days. More details at this $400 Chase Coupons Combo Review

  1. Chase $400 Total Checking & Savings Coupons Combo
  2. Chase $400 Total Checking & Savings Coupons Combo
  3. Chase $400 Total Checking & Savings Coupons Combo
  4. Chase $400 Total Checking & Savings Coupons Combo
  5. Chase $400 Total Checking & Savings Coupons Combo

Chase $300 CoupChase $300 Premier Couponon Bonus for opening a Total checking account. They are only available from the $500 Chase combo. This is the highest Chase Total Checking you can get right now. You must buy them in combo with the Chase Plus Savings from above. The bonus isn’t available to existing Chase checking customers, and you can only receive one checking account bonus per calendar year.  I wrote this $500 Chase Coupon Review with many hints when buying Chase Coupons on eBay.

  1. Chase $300 Total Checking Coupon
  2. Chase $300 Total Checking Coupon
  3. Chase $300 Total Checking Coupon

Chase $200 Coupon No Direct DepositChase $200 & $150 Coupon Bonus w/ NO Direct Deposit can be yours by buying the Chase coupons from eBay. Typically, you can do the “Buy It Now” option for around $20 or less. Once you have the unique coupon code without direct deposit requirement, you can redeem at any Chase branch or online at For more information, check out my full Chase $200 Coupon No Direct Deposit Review.

  1. Chase $200 Checking Coupon with No Direct Deposit
  2. Chase $200 Checking Coupon with No Direct Deposit

Chase Plus Savings CouponChase $300 Plus Savings Coupons are now available on eBay with a minimum opening deposit of $25,000 and maintain a balance of at least $25,000 for 90 days. Chase Plus Savings has no Monthly Service Fee when you do at least one of the following: Option 1 have a linked Chase Premier Plus Checking or Chase Premier Platinum Checking account Or Option 2 Keep the daily balance in your account at or above $15,000. Otherwise a $20 Monthly Service Fee will apply. If your savings account is closed within six months, Chase will deduct the bonus amount at closing. For more details, check out my full Chase $300 Coupon Savings Plus Review.

  1. Chase $300 Plus Savings Coupon
  2. Chase $300 Plus Savings Coupon

Chase $200 Savings Coupon
Chase $200 Savings Coupon has a high opening deposit requirement of $15K or more.  However, you only have to keep the $15,000 in your account for 90 days in order to qualify. After the 90 days, the $200 bonus will be deposited into your account within 10 business days. However, you do need a higher deposit of $15,000 instead of the $10,000 deposit requirement. Read my full Review on Chase Savings Coupons.

  1. Chase $200 Savings Coupon
  2. Chase $200 Savings Coupon

Chase $175 Savings CouponChase $175 Savings Coupon is almost a must to go along with your Chase Checking Bonus if you have enough for the opening deposit requirement(usually at least $15K in new money). Main difference is the $15K balance DO NOT need to be in your account for 90 days in order to get the bonus. Many people who manage to get them via promotional emails or direct mail flyers selling these codes on eBay for $7 or more. Read this How To Guide on Chase $175 Savings Coupons Review.

  1. Chase $175 savings coupon code
  2. Chase $175 savings coupon code

Chase Total Checking Account Features:

  • Chase Debit Card with built-in security
  • FREE access to 19,500 Chase ATMs nationwide
  • FREE Online Banking & Online Bill Pay
  • FREE Text and Email Alerts
  • 24/7 access with Chase Mobile® on your phone

How To Waive Chase Total Checking Monthly Fees: Chase Total Checking has no monthly Service Fee when you do one of the following each statement period($12 monthly Service Fee will apply or $10 monthly Service Fee for CA, OR and WA):

  • Option #1: Have monthly direct deposits totaling $500 or more made to this account; OR,
  • Option #2: Keep the daily balance in your checking account at or above $1,500; OR,
  • Option #3: Keep an average balance of $5,000 or more in your checking and other types of qualifying Chase accounts.

I remember that the first statement/month does not incur monthly service charge. Even by the second month, you could call them to waive the monthly fee.

Bonus Terms & Conditions: Make sure to open your Chase total checking using a valid coupon code along with a minimum $100 deposit. The cash bonus will show up within 10 days. The account must be left open for a minimum of 6 months or the bonus will be debited from the account upon account closing. Bonus will be considered interest and will be reported to the IRS via IRS Form 1099-INT. High School Checking, College Checking, Chase Access Checking, and New Jersey Consumer Checking Accounts are not eligible.

Tips on Getting Exclusive Chase Coupons: If you don’t want to buy those Chase coupons on eBay, there are a few ways to get them freely at no cost! These methods are Your Mileage May Vary(YMMV)

    1. Chase Bank send savings account bonus & Chase $300 or $500 for new credit card customers by email or postal mail. Keep an eye for them in the mail or ask your neighbors too.
    2. Visit your local Chase Bank and ask the Chase bankers directly either the $200 no direct deposit checking coupon or $150 savings coupon. I have heard to success stories with this method.
    3. Stop by your local USPS and ask for the Mover’s Guide Packet. Inside the packet, you will find a Chase coupon that may be $200 no direct deposit one.
    4. Use a Debit Card from a different bank at a Chase ATM machine. The ATM machine will spit out a Chase Coupon receipt that may be up to $200 bonus with no direct deposit.
    5. Sign up for a Chase Ink Plus® Business Card($625 bonus toward travel) and Chase may send you a $200 business coupon to open your business checking. I have personally received the $200 business coupon through this method.

Examples of Direct Deposit:

  • Any ACH deposit totaling $500 or more for the statement period.
  • Automatic deposit of Payroll – To request direct deposit of your payroll check, print the Direct Deposit Form (PDF); then complete the form and give it to your employer’s payroll department.
  • Pension
  • Social Security
  • Other government benefits
  • ACH push from an account at a different bank, e.g. M&T Bank
  • ACH push from brokerage firm, e.g. TD Ameritrade
  • Digital payment service, e.g. Serve

At HustlerMoneyBlog, I provide more than just Chase Bank Coupons. Check out the all bank bonuses for local and nationwide from the most exclusive list on the web!

Chase Credit Card Bonuses With Your Checking:

Those who with a Chase Credit Card (Freedom, Sapphire, Ink Cash Business, MileagePlus Explorer, British Airways, Southwest Airlines, etc) along with an active Chase checking account, you may be get some exclusive benefits for having a Chase credit card.

Best Business Credit Cards
Chase Ink Plus Business CardChase Ink Plus® Business Card offers 60,000 bonus points after you spend $5,000 in the first 3 months from account opening- that's $750 towards travel rewards. Cardholders earn 5X points per $1 on the first $50,000 spent annually at office supply stores, and on cellular phone, landline, internet, and cable TV services. No foreign transaction fees but there is annual fee of $95.
Learn More
Ink Cash BusinessChase Ink Cash® Business Card offers $200 cash back after you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months from account opening with NO ANNUAL FEE! You'll receive 5% cash back on the first $25,000 spent annually at office supply stores, and on cellular phone, landline, internet, and cable TV services. Enjoy 0% introductory APR for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers.
Learn More

If the above Chase credit cards don’t fit your needs, find our most exclusive list of Credit Card Bonuses from all major issuers!


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Gr February 6, 2015 at 5:58 pm

Coupon code: XZ6992722KTH2ZUQ

$300 bonus checking
$150 savings
Or both!


Mark January 8, 2015 at 2:34 am

The “some exclusive benefits” link above isn’t working. What other benefits are there with relation to those Ink cards?


Susan October 24, 2014 at 2:02 pm

I heard Chase will no longer count ACH push as direct deposit. Is this true? I have Wells Fargo.


JOHN KINGSLEY October 13, 2014 at 11:46 pm



Stephanie October 13, 2014 at 12:38 pm

I’m having trouble with their honoring the offer, as well. Maybe a class action suit is in order.


betty October 10, 2014 at 6:55 am

I try to get a coupon for savings but no way to get none of that. Try many ways to get that. I just open a saving account but didn’t send me any coupon I have several account, mortgages and they wont help. simple wont care.


Kevin Williams October 9, 2014 at 1:54 pm

Good Afternoon,

The link for the $150 coupon through chase is not working. Does anyone have a link or a code to use? Please let me know asap.

Thank you!


Amanda September 15, 2014 at 10:21 am

I purchased a coupon on Ebay. On the back it says coupon good one time and may not be transferred to others. Does this mean I can’t use it because it was mailed to someone else originally?


melania July 25, 2014 at 12:49 pm

hi, i have a question, the other day i went to a branch local chase and they told me that it wasnt available for me becuase didnt show up the space where they should write the code for the coupon. i had checking account 3 months ago, its 20 days after that and i think i can apply again, becuase when i talked when customer service they told me that i can apply now. but i dont know i cant , the local branch told me that maybe becuase its very soon after i close 3 months ago, which would be 10 days…. can someone tell me if they have experienced they could open a checking account again after they close, and somebody can tell me if applying for myself online is real, i want to try online for myself…. thank you


msw September 1, 2014 at 1:15 pm

better talk to manager directly. if you did not use coupon before, I do not see why you can’t close the old one and apply the coupon to the new one.

But again, Chase can be not trusty. Once I earned the cash reward, Chase management dept (hidden in the back) cancelled all my Chase credit cards and forfeited all my cash reward without notifying me or gave any reasons. I fought with Chase for couple months only got the earned cash reward but never my credit cards. I figured the reason behind was Chase when customers did not fall into their interest debt trap, instead earning cash rebate, they cancelled your cards and ruin your credit history.

good luck.


Eileen June 30, 2014 at 10:11 pm

How do I get the coupon code for the $200 bonus for opening a total checking account with direct deposit?


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