Make $300 with a new Chase Checking Account

Read this updated Chase $300 to $350 Account Bonus Total!

You heard of $100 Chase bonus, but here’s how you can get $300 with a new Chase Bank Account.

  1. You need to get a referral coupon from someone who has a Chase account already. If you know someone who has a Chase account, they can visit their branch and ask for 5 of the $25 referral coupons. You can also comment below to ask my readers for a referral coupon. Likewise, if you have some referral coupons, you can comment on this post with your email in your message for people to ask you for one. **scan the copy and send it as an attachment to each other emails**
  2. Click on this $100 Chase in branch coupon and print out.
  3. Bring your $100 coupon + your $25 referral coupon to the branch. These two coupons are stackable.
  4. Open a new account with a CSR. They don’t mind opening a new one for you and give you both bonuses. I believe they are working on commission or that they have a quota for new accounts each month.
  5. Remember to ask them for your 5 of the $25 referral coupons = $125
  6. CSR will tell you that you have 60 days to set up direct deposit.
  7. Bonus should show up in less than ten days. In the meantime, ask 5 people you know for sure that will do this and give them the $25 referral.
  8. Make sure you wait for all your bonuses first before you do this last step. Make $50 more with this $50 direct deposit bonus setup. This last step is ymmv. I believe you must have your a regular job. Most jobs will allow you to split paycheck into two or three accounts.
  9. If you don’t have direct deposit, then setup $1 monthly paypal transfer or monthly ING transfer. Otherwise, there will be a monthly fee.
  10. Here is the math: $25 referral bonus + $100 bonus + $125 new referral bonuses + $50 Direct Deposit bonus = $300

Make sure you have your account open for at least 6 months. Closing account before minimum requirement date will have your bonuses revoked.

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  1. Linda says

    You may try the following four referring codes which will expire 02/04/2009.


    You will get a bonus of $25 for opening a chase checking account, $10 for opening a chase high school checking or chase college checking account, and $50 for opening a chase business checking account.


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