1. Jocelyn says

    I currently hv a chase freedom and chase ink in addition to a chase checking account
    I’m thinking bout applying for the saphire. Is the additional 7% in points in addition to the additional 10% u get when u hv a bank account with them? And to add an authorized user and get the 5000 points, would the authorized user have to hv a credit check and there own card in there name? Lastly, how does the 20% off travel work? Do I receive 20% off travel with ink and freedom too? Can I use saphirel points for cash of just trsvel

    • Sarah says

      Hi, I think I know all the answers to your questions.

      1: 7% bonus point is for the sapphire preferred card only when you also have Chase checking account, whereas 10% bonus point is for the Chase freedom card when you also have Chase checking account. More importantly, both 7% and 10% bonus will end at Jan 2016, so be hurry.

      2: Chase does not accept sapphire card application anymore, you can only apply for sapphire preferred card now. But you can downgrade sapphire preferred card to sapphire card 1 year later after you get the sapphire preferred card.

      3: To add authorized user/users, you only need to provide the Names, address, Not need to give SSN. So, Chase does not do hard pull on your authorized users even if Chase says they might. but in order to get 5000 bonus point per authorized user, you have to add authorized user within 3 months after you get the card.

      4: 20% off travel is when you redeem reward points for travel charges, you will get 20% discount (So, yes, you can use sapphire points for cash of just travel). But most people just transfer points to airlines where you can book reward tickets with them. The later one is much more valuable choice.

      Hope those answer help .

  2. Amanda says

    I just got a $300 Chase bonus coupon for opening a total checking. Must be open 6 months with 5 qualifying transactions each month. They deposit the $300 within 10 business days.


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