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by Hu$tler on December 1, 2014

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You will find 2014 Best Bank Bonuses, Promotions, Deals, and Chase Coupons from top banks such as Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, Citibank, & U.S Bank. We have the most complete list of bank bonuses nationwide- bar none! See all Checking and Savings Accounts Promotions and Bonuses from every major banks in the U.S.A. Click on Review to read all the requirements for each bank bonus such as direct deposit(full list of what count), account type, expiration date, hard or soft pull, credit card funding, geographical restrictions, additional bonus requirements, and early closure fee.  Make sure to read all the terms and conditions at the bank’s web page to keep the account fee-free. Don’t forget to visit our Credit Card Bonuses to go along with your Checking Account!

Chase Freedom $200Chase Freedom® offers a $100 cash back bonus for new cardholders that spend $500 during the first three months of membership. You'll earn an additional $25 bonus after you add your first authorized user and make a purchase within this same 3-month period. New members will also get 0% introductory APR on balance transfers and purchases for 15 months. Then regular APR: 13.99%-22.99% (Variable). This great cash rewards credit card is designed for those of you who want to earn easy cash back bonuses in return for your spending. Between January 1 and March 31, 2015, you can earn 5% rewards on up to $1500 spent on grocery stores, movie theaters, and Starbucks® stores. For all other purchases, you'll earn unlimited 1% cash back. Best of all, there is no annual membership fee. Apply Now---Chase Freedom $100 Bonus Review

First Table: The complete list of bank bonuses available nationwide ranking the highest $ bank bonus.

Second Table: The complete list of local bank bonuses with State(s) listed for qualify residents.

Third Table: The complete list of all bank referrals both local and nationwide. Feel free to leave a comment on the review post to leave your referral information.

Help Us: Let us know of a bank deal/referral bonus of your local bank via email at [email protected] or leave a comment in this post. Thank you.

Direct Deposit = DD

Hard Pull = HP

Nationwide Best Bank Bonuses, Promotions, & Deals 2014

Bank or Credit UnionBonusExpiration DDHPReview
Chase Total Checking + Savings$5001/12/2015YesNoReview
Chase Premier Checking$5001/12/2015YesNoReview
Ally Bank IRA Savings$5005/31/2015NoNoReview
Chase Total Checking + Savings$4501/12/2015YesNoReview
Chase $300 Total Checking + $100 Savings $4001/12/2015YesNoReview
Citibank Citigold Checking $40012/31/2014NoNoReview
Chase Total Checking + Savings with No Direct Deposit$4001/31/2015NoNoReview
Wells Fargo$25011/21/2014NoNoReview
Santander Bank$240NoneYesNoReview
BankDirect $220NoneYesNoReview
Chase Checking with Direct Deposit$2001/15/2015YesNoReview
Chase Checking & Savings$2001/22/2015YesNoReview
Chase with No Direct Deposit$2001/31/2015NoNoReview
Chase Savings$2001/31/2015NoNoReview
BBVA Compass Bank $200NoneYesYesReview
First Tech FCU $20011/30/2014NoNoReview
Nationwide Bank $20012/31/2014YesNoReview
Suntrust Bank $200NoneYesNoReview
Chase Savings$17512/31/2014NoNoReview
Chartway Federal Credit Union$150NoneYesNoReview
Santander Bank Goal Savings$125NoneNoNoReview
Christian Community CU$105NoneNoNo Review
Tobyhanna FCU$105NoneYesYesReview
America's Credit Union$10012/31/2014YesYesReview
Bank of America Business Checking $1006/30/2015NoNoReview
Bank of America Business Checking$100NoneNoNoReview
Bank of America $10012/31/2014YesNoReview
Capital One 360 Business Savings $100NoneNoNoReview
Charles Schwab Checking $100NoneNoYesReview
Citibank Regular Checking $10012/31/2014NoNoReview
First Trade Union Bank $10012/31/2014YesNoReview
Pinnacle Bank $10011/30/2014YesYesReview
Salem Five Bank $100NoneY/NYesReview
US Bank $100NoneNoNoReview
Capital One 360(existing members)$7511/23/2014NoNoReview
Nationwide E-Checking & Money Market Savings$75NoneYesNoReview
Amboy Direct eSavings$50NoneNoNoReview
Discover Bank Cashback Checking $5012/15/2014NoNoReview
Capital One 360 Checking $50NoneNoNoReview
Capital One 360 Savings$25NoneNoNoReview
Capital One 360 Kids Savings$25NoneNoNoReview
Capital One 360 Money for Teens$25NoneNoYesReview
Bank of America Debit/ Credit Card $1012/4/2014NoNoReview
PNC Bank Debit/ Credit Card $1012/31/2014NoNoReview
Chase Bank Paperless $52/28/2015NoNoReview
UFB Direct 1,000 MilesNoneYesNoReview
Bank of America Free McAfeeNoneNoNoReview
Bank of America/Merrill Edge 30 TradesNoneNoNoReview
Bank of America- Museum Free TicketsNoneNoNoReview
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Ink Cash BusinessChase Ink Cash® Business Card offers $200 cash back after you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months from account opening with NO ANNUAL FEE! You'll receive 5% cash back on the first $25,000 spent annually at office supply stores, and on cellular phone, landline, internet, and cable TV services. Enjoy 0% introductory APR for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers.
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State Bank Bonuses, Promotions, Deals, & Coupons 2014

Bank or CUState(s)Bonus ExpirationDDHPReview
Citizens BankCT, DE, IL, IN, KY, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, & VT$1000NoneReview
Columbia Bank IRA CDNJ$700NoneNoNoReview
New York Community BankAZ, FL, NJ, NY, & OH$500NoneReview
Provident Credit Union CA$350NoneNoNoReview
Navigator CUAL, MS$300NoneReview
PNC BankAL, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA, & WI$30012/31/2014YesNoReview
Rockland TrustCT, ME, MD, NH, RI, & VT$300NoneReview
Astoria BankNY$25012/31/2014NoNoReview
BBVA CompassAL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, NM, & TX$250NoneReview
Capital One Spark Biz CheckingCT, DC, DE, LA, MD, NJ, NY, TX, & VA$25012/31/2014NoNoReview
Charter One Bank SavingsIL, MI, OH$250NoneReview
Citizens Bank SavingsCT, DE, IL, IN, KY, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, & VT$250NoneReview
First Niagara BankCT, MA, PA, & NY$25010/12/2014YesNoReview
Fifth Third Bank FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MO, NC OH, PA, TN, & WV$25012/20/2014YesNoReview
FNB BankKY$250NoneReview
KeyBank AK, CO, CT, ID, IN, KY, ME, MI, NY, OH, OR, UT, VT, or WA$25012/5/2014YesNoReview
PNC Business Merchant ServicesAL, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, OH, PA, SC, VA, & WI$250NoneReview
South Shore Bank Business CheckingMA$250NoneReview
Webster BankCT, MA, NY, & RI$250NoneNo?Review
Arizona Central Credit UnionAZ$20012/31/2014Yes?Review
Avidia BankMA$200NoneReview
BMI Federal Credit UnionOH$20012/31/2014No?Review
BMO Harris BankIL, MN, MO, & WI$20012/31/2014YesNoReview
Commerce BankCO, KS, MI, IL, & OK$200NoneReview
First Bank Financial CentreWI$20011/7/2014NoNoReview
First Tennessee Bank AL, AR, GA, MS, NC, TN, & VA$2001/31/2015YesNoReview
KeyBankAK, CO, CT, ID, IN, KY, ME, MI, NY, OH, OR, UT, VT, & WA$2001/2/2015YesNoReview
Marquette BankIL, IN, & WI$200NoneYes?Review
MidFirst BankAZ$20011/30/2014No?Review
Northwest Savings BankMD, NY, OH, & PA$200NoneReview
Telhio Checking & SavingsOH$20012/31/2014No?Review
Telhio Credit Union CDOH$200NoneReview
Telhio Credit Union Business PremierOH$20012/31/2014Review
Unity BankNJ, PA$20012/31/2014No?Review
Western State BankAZ, ND$200NoneReview
Liberty Bank of SavingsIL$175NoneYes?Review
Southland Credit UnionCA$175NoneYes?Review
Regions BankAZ$165NoneYes?Review
Associated BankIL, MN, WI$150NoneReview
Bank of MaineME, MA, & NH$150NoneYesNoReview
First Bank Financial CentreWI$15011/7/2014Y/NNoReview
First Tennessee Bank Express CheckingAR, GA, MS, NC, TN, & VA$1501/31/2015YesNoReview
First Tennessee Bank BusinessAR, GA, MS, NC, TN, & VA$1501/31/2015NoNoReview
First Tennessee Bank Premier CheckingAL, AR, GA, MS, NC, TN, & VA$15011/30/2014YesNoReview
Flushing BankNY$150NoneNoNoReview
Fulton BankDE, MD, NJ, PA, & VA$15010/11/2014NoNoReview
Huntington BankIN, KY, MI, OH, PA, & WV$15011/26/2014YesNoReview
KeyBank AK, CO, CT, ID, IN, KY, ME, MI, NY, OH, OR, UT, VT, or WA$15010/3/2014YesNoReview
Liberty BankIL$150NoneReview
Logix FCUCA$150NoneYesYesReview
Marquette BankIL, IN, & WI$150NoneReview
North Akron BankOH$150NoneYes?Review
NuVision FederalAZ, CA$150NoneYesNoReview
Public Employess CUTX$150NoneReview
Unity Bank Business CheckingNJ, PA$15012/31/2014No?Review
Cincinnatus Savings and LoanOH$1298/15/2014Yes?Review
Oritani BankNJ$125NoneReview
Oritani Bank BusinessNJ$125NoneReview
Popular Community BankCA, FL, IL, NY & NJ$125NoneReview
Ridgewood Savings BankNY$12512/31/2014Yes?Review
South Shore Savings BankMA$125NoneYes?Review
Suntrsut BankAL, GA, SC, & TN$12511/30/2014YesNoReview
BankUnitedFL, NY$120NoneReview
Co-Op Services CUMI$105NoneYes?Review
AnchorBankIA, IL, MN, & WI$10012/31/2014YesNoReview
Apple BankNY$100NoneReview
Biddeford Savings BankME$100NoneYes?Review
California Credit UnionCA$10010/31/2014Yes?Review
Charter OneIL, MI, & OH$10010/31/2014NoNoReview
Citadel Credit UnionPA$100NoneNo?Review
Citizens BankCT, DE, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, & VT$10010/31/2014NoNoReview
Columbia BankNJ$100NoneYes?Review
Darien Rowayton BankCT, NY$10012/31/2014No?Review
First Niagara Bank CT, MA, NY, & PA$10012/31/2014YesNoReview
First Tennessee Bank Express CheckingAR, GA, MS, NC, TN, & VA$1001/31/2015YesNoReview
First Tennessee Bank SavingsAR, GA, MS, NC, TN, & VA$1001/31/2015NoNoReview
Firstmark Credit Union TX$100NoneYesYesReview
Focus BankAR, KY, IL, MI, & TN$100NoneYes?Review
Garden Savings FCUNJ$100NoneYes?Review
Grow Financial FCUFL$100NoneReview
Homestreet BankHI, OR, & WA$100NoneYes?Review
Huntington BankKY, MI, IN, OH, PA, & WV$10012/31/2014NoNoReview
Landmark Credit UnionIL, WI$10011/30/2014Yes?Review
Liberty BankCT, MA, & RI$10012/31/2014Yes?Review
Liberty BankMO$100NoneReview
Northampton Cooperative BankMA$100NoneYes?Review
Pinnacle BankTX$10012/31/2014NoYesReview
Pinnacle BankCO, KS, MO, NE, & WY$10012/31/2014NoYesReview
Provident CUCA$100NoneReview
Public Service CUCO$100NoneReview
Regions BankAL, AR, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX, & VA$100NoneReview
Sound CUWA$100NoneReview
Spire FCUMN, WI$10012/31/2014No?Review
Stanford Federal CUCA$10012/31/2014Review
SunTrust BankAK, AR, DC, FL, GA, MD, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, & WV$100NoneYesNoReview
The Provident BankMA$100NoneReview
TruMark Financial CUPA$100NoneYes?Review
Watertown Savings BankMA$100NoneReview
MidFlorida CUFL$77NoneReview
LNB BankNY$75NoneReview
Nassau Educators FCUNY$75NoneReview
Better BanksIL$70NoneReview
C1 BankFL$6012/31/2014Review
Community First CUFL$60NoneReview
Westerra Credit UnionCO$52.80NoneReview
Astoria BankNY$50NoneYesNoReview
Arkansas Superior FCUAR$50NoneReview
Astoria BankNY$50NoneReview
Belmont Savings BankMA$50NoneReview
City National BankKY, OH, VA, & WV
First American BankIL$50NoneReview
First American Bank Student CheckingIL, IN, WI$50NoneReview
FirstBankAZ, CA, CO$50NoneReview
Liberty BankIL$50NoneReview
Metairie BankLA$50NoneReview
Sanford Institution For SavingsCT, MA, ME, NH, RI, & VT.$50NoneReview
Sanford Institution for SavingsME$50NoneReview
TopLine Federal CUMN$50NoneReview
Waukesha State BankWI$5012/31/2014Review
able BankingME + U.S. anywhere$25NoneReview
Cardinal BankDC, MD, VA$25NoneReview
Fidelity BankKS$25NoneNo?Review
Fidelity Bank OklahomaOK$25NoneNo?Review
First Republic BankCA, CT, FL, MA, NY, & OR$25NoneReview
Franklin Federal Savings BankVA$25NoneReview
Neighborhood Credit UnionTX$25NoneReview
SunTrust Bank SavingsAK, AR, DC, FL, GA, MD, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, & WV$25NoneNoNoReview
Advance Financial FCUIN$10NoneReview
Univest Bank and Trust CoPA$10NoneReview
Valley National BankNJ, NY$10NoneReview
Flushing Bank Business CheckingNYNexus 7 + $100NoneReview
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Bank Referral bonuses & promotions are available to existing personal checking, personal savings, or business checking account for all major banks across the United States. It’s a great way to earn extra cash with your current bank account or when you open a new bank account. Not only will you be getting a bonus, but your friend or family member will benefit with bonus cash referral for them too!

Below, you’ll the most updated list of all bank referral programs to earn extra bonus rewards for participating in banking referral programs. Feel free to leave your contact information in the comment section so all my readers can reach out to benefit both parties.

Referral Bank Bonus Referrals & Promotions 2014

Bank or C.UReferral BonusState(s)ExpirationReview
Capital One 360 Checking $40(up to $1000)NationwideNoneReview
HSBC Premier Checking $150(unlimited)Nationwide12/31/2014Review
1st Financial FCU $100(unlimited)MINoneReview
Arizona Central CU $100(unlimited)AZ12/31/2014Review
Prestige Community CU $75(unlimited)TXNoneReview
America’s FCU $50(unlimited)ALNoneReview
AmeriChoice FCU $50(unlimited)PANoneReview
Ballston Spa National Bank Business$50(unlimited)NYNoneReview
Bell State Bank & Trust $50(unlimited)MN, ND, WINoneReview
Best Bank $50(unlimited)GA, IL, MI, MN, WINoneReview
BiddefordSavings $50(unlimited)MENoneReview
California Coast CU $50(unlimited)CANoneReview
Citizens National Bank $50(unlimited)TNNoneReview
Columbus Metro FCU$50(unlimited)OHNoneReview
Connex Credit Union$50(unlimited)CTNoneReview
Consumers Credit Union$50(unlimited)NationwideNoneReview
Continental Bank $50(unlimited)PANoneReview
Denali Alaskan FCU $50(unlimited)AKNoneReview
Dutch Point CU$50(unlimited)CTNoneReview
First Tennessee Bank $50(unlimited)AR, GA, MS, NC, TN, VANoneReview
FirstState Bank $50(unlimited)MINoneReview
Guaranty Bank $50(unlimited)GA, IL, MI, MN, WINoneReview
HomeStreet Bank $50(unlimited)HI, OR, WANoneReview
Justice FCU $50(up to $150)CA, DC, GA, IL, NY, TX, & VANoneReview
KeyBank $50(unlimited)AK, CO, CT, ID, IN, KY, ME, MI, NY, OH, OR, UT, VT, & WA5/30/2014Review
Magyar Bank $50(unlimited)NJNoneReview
Marlborough Savings Bank$50(unlimited)MANoneReview
Meritrust $50(up to $150)KSNoneReview
Navy FCU$50(unlimited)NationwideNoneReview
PNC Bank$50($500 per year)AL, DC, DE, FL, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, OH, PA, SC, VA, & WINoneReview
Preferred Credit Union$50(unlimited)MINoneReview
Quabbin Online C.U $50(unlimited)MANoneReview
Regions Bank$50(unlimited)AL, AR, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MO, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX, VANoneReview
Republic Bank $50(unlimited)FL, IN, KY, OH, TNNoneReview
Salem Five Bank $50($250 per year)MANoneReview
Stanford FCU $50(unlimited)CANoneReview
Union Bank & Trust Company$50(unlimited)KS, NENoneReview
Univ. of IA Community C.U $50(unlimited)IANoneReview
Webster Bank $50(up to $500)CT, MA, NY, & RINoneReview
Western Bank $50(unlimited)AZ, NDNoneReview
Worthington Federal Bank $50(unlimited)ALNoneReview
A+ FCU $40(up to $200)TX5/31/2014Review
Hanscom FCU $30(unlimited)NationwideNoneReview
Actors FCU$25(unlimited)NationwideNoneReview
Alabama Telco CU $25(unlimited)ALNoneReview
Ameriana Bank $25INNoneReview
American Airlines CU$25(unlimited)Nationwide6/30/2014Review
Amplify Credit Union $25(unlimited)TXNoneReview
Auto Club FCU $25(unlimited)NationwideNoneReview
Bank of Bolivar $25(unlimited)MINoneReview
BancorpSouth Bank $25(unlimited)AL, AR, FL, LA, MS, MI, TN, & TXNoneReview
Bard Employees FCU $25(unlimited)GA, NJ, & SCNoneReview
Bethpage FCU$25(up to $250)NYNoneReview
California Coast CU$25(unlimited)CANoneReview
Carolinas Telco FCU$25(unlimited)NC, SCNoneReview
Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust $25(unlimited)IANoneReview
City County Employees CU $25(unlimited)FLNoneReview
Coca-Cola FCU$25(unlimited)NationwideNoneReview
Community First CU$25(unlimited)FLNoneReview
First Midwest Bank $25(unlimited)IA, IL, INNoneReview
GTE Financial $25(unlimited)NationwideNoneReview
International Airline Employees FCU $25(unlimited)NationwideNoneReview
Liberty Bank$25(unlimited)MONoneReview
Liberty Bank$25(unlimited)CTNoneReview
Midfirst Bank $25($150 per year)AZ, OKNoneReview
OnPoint Community Credit Union$25(unlimited)OR, WANoneReview
Prospera Credit Union $25(unlimited)WINoneReview
Provident Credit Union $25(unlimited)CA, NVNoneReview
Sandy Spring Bank $25(unlimited)MD, VANoneReview
Susquehanna Bank$25(unlimited)MD, NJ, PA, & WVNoneReview
TCF Bank $25(unlimited)AZ, CO, IL, IN, MI, MN, SD, WI NoneReview
Tobyhanna FCU $25(unlimited)NationwideNoneReview
Unity Bank $25(unlimited)NJ, PANoneReview
University FCU $25(unlimited)TXNoneReview
URW Community FCU $25(unlimited)VANoneReview
USE CU $25(up to $150)CANoneReview
Valley Bank & Trust$25(unlimited)CONoneReview
Velocity Community CU$25(unlimited)FLNoneReview
Western FCU$25(unlimited)NationwideNoneReview
United Bank$20(unlimited)WINoneReview
Vantage West$20(unlimited)AZNoneReview
Vibe Credit Union$20(unlimited)MINoneReview
Alliant Credit Union$10(unlimited)NationwideNoneReview
Chatham FCU $10(unlimited)GANoneReview
First National Bank $10(unlimited)IANoneReview
Independent Bank $10(unlimited)MINoneReview
Smarty Pig$10(up to $1000)NationwideNoneReview
Ridgewood Savings Bank375 PointsNYNoneReview
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If you copy this bank bonuses list, please link back to Hustlermoneyblog and mention that it was originally put together by me. I worked hard on this list and only ask for recognition.

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jeffrey October 16, 2014 at 9:40 am

quick question: As I have often read as a suggestion, one should set their cash advances to $0. So let’s say I try to open a checking account with a credit card that I have $0 cash advance, if the checking account transaction does indeed label the opening as a cash advance, what will be the outcome when trying to open the account?? will it simply decline the transaction??


George Knudsen October 14, 2014 at 9:29 am

If you are in Utah, Heritage West CU is doing $150 bonus.
$50 if you do direct deposit, $75 if you do DD and then purchase 10 things or so on the debit card, and $150 if you do both and then do 3 bill pays in first 60-90 days or something like that.


Sam Johnstone September 4, 2014 at 12:31 pm

You are wrong.

DD is required for bank of the west:

Open a new eligible consumer checking account during the campaign period with a minimum opening deposit of $100 with funds new to Bank of the West and perform one or more of the following: You can earn a $100 Credit for establishing a monthly recurring direct deposit of $250 or more (Direct in a single deposit) from a payroll, Social Security, pension or other government benefit source. The first recurring direct deposit must post to the account by 11/28/14. Or you may earn a $50 Credit by opening a new Bank of the West Debit Card and using it for at least 10 POS purchases of $3.00 or more in each of the two full calendar months immediately following the month in which the opening deposit posts to the account. Opening deposits must be received and posted to the account no later than 9/5/14. Bonuses will be credited to the account by 12/31/2014.


P. L. August 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm

I found the information for my area to be incorrect and/or bogus. Even the $50 Capital One deal was bogus. And in the meantime, they have all of your personal information for marketing purposes. I believe that is the real reason for the “offer” — to get you to give up your account infornation. You are really applying for Credit, which you may not want nor need.


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